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"A visual conversation starter to demonstrate the varied adult presentation of female autism."
Sarah Hendrick, M.A., Author, Woman and Girls with ASD
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Welcome to is a positive-only strengths based platform for neurodiverse individuals to gain knowledge and education and improve their lives. It's tagline is #nomorefemalesleftbehind and #beyourownsuperhero. advocates for research, assessment tools, interventions and support based on and for females. We here at are excited to announce that we have been nominated for a 2017 ASPECT Autism Australia National Recognition Award (Advancemet Category. Thank you to ASPECT for acknowledging our hard work.

Click on the picture below for an introduction of Tania Marshall, M.Sc., by Different Brains. Tania has a Masters of Science in Applied Psychology, is an associate member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS), an author of two Gold medal award winning and bestselling books and a two time Autism Australia (ASPECT) award Nominee for her work in advancing the field of female Autism. She works with neurodiverse or neurodivergent clients, many whom are gifted and talented, highly creative, have high IQ's and may also have one or more of the following: ADHD, anxiety, twice-exceptionality, learning differences, panic attacks, Autism, Asperger Syndrome, OCD, eating disorders and highly sensitive personalities (HSP). She works with individuals across the lifespan, including high profile individuals and celebrities, of all ages and both genders, assisting them to have more successful and productive lives, careers, families and/or businesses. Some of the people she works with include: actors/actresses, singers, performers, dancers, designers, costume designers, screen writers, producers, translators, teachers, the helping profession (social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses), neuroscientists, artists, performing artists, authors, entrepreneurs, engineers, professors, athletes and computer programmers. Please contact admin@centreforautism for assistance with assessments, intervention, translations, book publishing inquiries, workshops, conferences, and/or interviews.   

Watch Dr. Hackie Reitman and Tania discuss Part I of AspienGirl: 

Embracing the Strengths of Girls and Women with Autism at Different Brains 

Watch Dr. Hackie Reitman and Tania discuss Part II of AspienGirl: 

Embracing the Strengths of Girls and Women with Autism at Different Brains 

Welcome to

I am AspienGirl is an Amazon Best Seller and 2016 and 2015 eLit Independent Publisher IPPY Gold Medal Award Winner!

Tania is available for in-person or Skype consultations, assessments or problem-solving sessions. To book appointments or discuss and/or book availability for presentations, conferences, publishing and translation inquiries, please email


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I am AspienWoman is an Amazon Best Seller and a 2016 IPPY eLit Independent Publisher Gold Medal Award Winner (Women's Issues Category)!



What traits and gifts make this group of girls so unique and often misunderstood? I Am AspienGirl® helps those with or those working with Asperger Syndrome by using a strengths-based approach to introduce the female profile of characteristics, traits and gifts.


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